Health: Healthy Bodies, Happy Kids

This term in Health we have been focusing on healthy bodies, happy kids. In our first lesson this is what we did. We started by writing what we eat and do on a normal day. After that we had to underline the good things we eat and do in green, the alright things in orange and the bad things in red. Most people ate toast for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch.



We also had to colour in our title page beautifully.

After that we got into small groups and brainstormed what we thought we could do to have a healthy body and be happy kids.

In our second and third lessons we did different tasks with different teachers.

Mr B- Canteen Blitz

In this activity we looked at our canteen menu and judged if most of the thing on there are healthy choices or unhealthy choices.

Mrs D- Snack Attack

In this activity we looked at the word snack and the definition. Then as a class we did a chart of healthy foods and sometimes foods.

Mr S- Fitness Test

In this activity we timed how long it takes us to run a lap of the oval, how long we can stand on 1 leg for and more. We also had to test how many chin ups, burpees and skips we can do in 1 minute. We had to record this all down.

Mrs P- Persuasive Text

In this activity we were given an arguement eg.  coco pops are better than weetbix and we had to agree and make arguements. Once we had made our persuasive text we had to do it like a debate infront of the class.                                                                                                                                                                                                        We have enjoyed our first few lessons.

We Are looking forward to a fun term in health!

By Sophie & Chelsea.B


Swimming Carnival

In Term 1 some people participated in the Catholic School Swimming Carnival.

There were two people in our class who joined. They were Patricia and Noah. To join you had to participate in the swimming trials. When it was the competition, they went to the Magill Swimming Centre. Noah came 1st in the relay race and came 4th in 50m freestyle. Patricia came 3rd in 25m backstroke and came 4th in the relay race. They had to have 3 practice lessons at Westmeinster swimming pool. Other people from our class also joined the swimming trials. All of the people who joined the swimming carnival had a great time. You should try swimming too.

Our New Blog

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